Transitions-Rochester 2010-2012
This set of six cahiers was published as part of Transitions-Rochester, 2010-2012.

Sound Horn by Theo Baart [Order]
No Destiny by Gregory Halpern [Order]
Inner Loop by Cary Markerink [Order]
The “Great Yellow Father” by Oscar Palacio [Order]
Reasons to Smile by Andrea Stultiens [Order]
Inner Workings by Jason Bernagozzi, Juliana Muniz, the FUA Krew and Dan Varenka [Order]

$90/boxed set purchase

Transitions is an international collaboration looking at the changing city of Rochester, NY (USA), a former company town dealing with urban sprawl, new concepts of city planning, high unemployment rates and poverty. How does a city deal with transition? Urban development in America is often seen as exemplary for coming developments in Europe. The Transitions project is concerned with we can learn from Rochester.

Transitions (so far) includes the work of Theo Baart (NL), Jason Bernagozzi (USA), FUA Krew (USA), Gregory Halpern (USA), Cary Markerink (NL), Juliana Muniz (USA) Oscar Palacio (CO), Andrea Stultiens (NL) and Dan Varenka (USA). The project is a collaboration between Visual Studies Workshop and FOTODOK. Partners in the project are the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film and the Rochester Contemporary Art Center.

Transitions-Rochester, 2010-2012
Design: Kummer and Herrman,
DTP USA: Tate Shaw

Printed on a Kodak Nexpress by Monroe Litho, the only manufacturer left within the Inner Loop of Rochester, NY
Published by Visual Studies Workshop, and FOTODOK,


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